Saturday, January 15, 2011

Night falls like drowning fish upon the earth
Comforting and cold
I hope the moon will sail by soon
I imagine the clouds are a funny grey
They eat people who loiter to long along the roadside
Or perhaps these souls simply eat themselves
I could not tell you
It is time to let the mind rest
Let the cells rejuvenate
Let there be sleep
And there was sleep
-At Night
The mirror is broken
The symmetry is broken
The lyrics have died
I grab the pieces with my bear hands
The sharp glass shards slice my fingers
They lie like ribbons on the floor
I stare at them
And laugh
And then
I just stare
At the empty void in my chest
Where my spleen should be
You had something to say to yourself
But you had quite forgotten
And try as you might to recall your musings
Recollection refuses to occur
So here let me distract you
So I can steal another one of your thoughts
Crop circles don't make noise
But moonbeams do
Believe me when I say I believe
I believe in everything believable
I believe in belief
I believe in disbelief
I believe in fences
I just saved your life
Your welcome
I wanted to type something strait forward,
So, hear I go,
Something strait forward,
Thank you.
I speak no language but my own and horribly at that
But who is to blame?
Not I, not you
Perhaps Them?
How can They say so much with such wisdom
Yet refuse to show Their faces
Cowards I say
Ridiculous cowards
Bending words to Their every whim
Words that we, the people, mindlessly wait hand and foot upon
And to what end my good fellows?
To what end?
-Life On Another Plane

Friday, January 14, 2011

If I could catch the falling moon
It would not be for you
If I could flit across the waves
It would not be for you
If I could cry a silver lake
It would not be for you

If I could speak in a thousand tongues
I would not speak to you
If my flowing voice could save your life
I would not sing for you
If the light of life left you cold and empty
I would not cry for you

But none of this should sadden you or me or all the world
For just as I would not aid you
So you will never heal me
And what is to become of us

-Lost in Translation